Handling Course Details Confirmed! | Performance Vauxhall Shows

Handling Course Details Confirmed!

The PVS Handling course is a great way to test both your car’s handling and your own driving ability – and you’ll be the car only on the course when you do! Based on a traditional ‘Autosolo’, ultra-precise throttle and brake control, and accurate handling will be needed to set a fast time our tricky course.  

The clock starts and from the start line you’ll head immediately through the slalom gates… the gates are tight so your entry speed and angle will be all important.. 

A short sprint before you’ve got two tricky 180 degree left-handers, try to keep understeer to a minimum here, smooth and steady is the quickest way…

Through another slalom gate and into the 360 degree right hand ‘donut ’. Again excessive understeer will slow you down, but careful, as to much oversteer could result in a spin!

Head back through another series of slalom gates before a spot of precision parking in the box will finally stop the clock.

If you’ve tagged a cone, that’ll be 5 secs on your time for every one.. Fastest net time gets bragging rights for the day!