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Drag Car Demonstrations - Sponsored by Sytec

Leading advanced fuel system equipment brand Sytec has joined PVS as a welcome sponsor of the hugely anticipated Drag Car Demonstrations. 

Sytec is a leading brand of Glencoe Limited, a supplier of professional fuel system equipment (including fuel pumps, pressure regulators, filters and a whole host of other parts) to Formular One, race and rally teams. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the company supplied kit to Dealer Team Vauxhall, the highly successful racing outfit managed by legendary Griffin tuner, Bill Blydebstein, and featuring championship-winning Chevettes, Vivas and Firenzas raced and rallied to duccess by the like of Gerry Marshall and Jimmy McRae. In addition to Sytec, Glencoe is the distributor of Facet Pumps (USA) Walbro/TI (USA) and Malpassi (Italy).

It's products are widely used at the heart of the modifying scene both and club and street tuning enthusiasts - visit the official Glencoe website at www.glencoeltd.co.uk for all your performance fuel system requirements.

The high-octane drag demonstrations will be running on the Santa Pod Drag Strip at 11.00, 14.15 and 16.00 - make sure you don't miss these monsters take to the strip! 

Drag Demonstration Car and Owners include: 

Allan Duthie, Blue Corsa turbo 750+ bhp
George Lockerby, Silver Corsa turbo 750+ bhp
Adam Beard, White twin engine Corsa turbo
Scott Carruthers, Red Nova Turbo
Stephen Backland, White Astra MK4 Van Turbo

The appearance by any vehicle cannot be guaranteed due to serviceability, operational commitments or other reasons outside the control of the Event Organisers.