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Corsa VXR 10th Anniversary Celebration Stand

As if one anniversary stand at this year’s Performance Vauxhall Show wasn’t enough, we’ve only gone and pulled another together. This time, we’re celebrating a decade of Corsa VXR. 

Back in 2007, Vauxhall stunned the hot hatch market with the 1.6-litre super-supermini, a car that delivered 189bhp and 170lb/ft torque in stock trim, but can be tuned to infinity through a variety of aftermarket power packages, including displacement-increasing stroker kits.

True to form, Vauxhall then released the hardcore Nürburgring Edition variant of the cool Corsa, adding almost 20bhp over the standard car’s power figure. Brembo brakes, recalibrated ABS, a Remus exhaust system and a mechanical limited-slip differential were also offered as part of the ‘Ring’s standard specification.

With the launch of the Corsa E came an all-new VXR. In a move that wowed even fans of its predecessor, power was increased to 204bhp as standard (coincidentally, that’s the same number of ponies as produced by the Cavalier Turbo). A new ‘Performance Package’ was introduced, providing those in possession of a lead foot the opportunity to match it to a Vauxhall with sharper dynamics, a Drexler mechanical multi-disc diff, bigger wheels, a 330mm Brembo brake kit and more focused Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology. 

We’re delighted to be able to celebrate the Corsa VXR’s tenth birthday by presenting a fantastic selection of tweaked and tuned examples of this vivacious Vauxhall for your enjoyment at PVS. Come along and have a good look at Lee Hibbard’s 440bhp Chilli Orange Nürburgring Edition, Brian Dallison’s Scorpion Exhausts VXR development vehicle, Chris Martino’s Courtenay-mapped Cobra Sport special, Rhys Morgan’s Carbon Flash track attacker and a host of other VXR-badged belters.